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US White Ash

Used for 2 piece bodies.  Slightly heavier than swamp ash, which is evened out by using a thinner body.  Looks great natural or stained and the open grain can be left as is under an oil finish, or grain filled and finished with gloss.


US Walnut

Used for 2 piece bodies.  Beautiful brown tones that vary in colour from piece to piece.  Not as heavy as White Ash, but still makes for a solid feeling guitar.  


Fiji Mahogany

Used for 2 piece bodies.  Relatively lightweight and beautifully resonant.  Almost orange in colour with a classic grain pattern.


Kauri Pine

Used for 2 piece bodies.  Light and resonant timber with wide streaks of colour.  Because of its light weight we can go much thicker with the body without it becoming uncomfortable to hold.

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